The Angel Club consists of several startup veterans who leverage both their expertise and financial resources in order to support founders in all things startup.

The Angel Club is a group of true entrepreneurs who actively invest into outstanding startups. Over the past two decades, the club’s members built several internationally leading companies and sold them to global players. While still running a bunch of companies themselves, the club’s members dedicate a significant amount of time into providing their portfolio companies with both entrepreneurial and managerial best practices obtained in their career.

As successful founders we are looking for highly committed and smart founders to support them throughout the whole lifecycle of their companies and act as their sparring partner. Due to our prior successes and experiences as entrepreneurs, we are able to invest up to €3 million of our own money per case, cover the whole spectrum of investment rounds from pre-seed to post-IPO and promptly decide on investments. Furthermore, due to the trust we put into founders, we frequently do follow-on investments. As a final remark, we maintain a strong network of startups willingly sharing their best-practices, partners for co-investments, access to VCs and legal support.


AbeBooks is an online marketplace for new, used, rare and out-of-print books from thousands of sellers.
AdMoment, a mobile advertising company, offers an advertising platform which provides intelligent targeting solutions through smartphones.
Albus White is your online financial and accounting service provider.
AllesAnna was an online drug store.
audibene is the leading online retailer for hearing aids.
B2X is a leading provider of customer care solutions for electronic devices to manufacturers, insurance providers, mobile network operators and retailers globally.
Barzahlen is a cash payment network, that allows customers to make remote purchases without a credit card for utilities, e-com and insurances.
Berliner Berg is a craft beer manufacturer from the heart of Berlin.
Bonial.com is a group of companies connecting mobile shoppers with their favorite stores and offers around them.
Brain Capital is an innovative model to finance your study.
BusExpress is an inventory distribution system for bus companies in CEE.
Caroobi offers on-demand car services for a fixed price.
CarPrice is the leading Russian online used car broker and auctioneer, being the first to develop a C2B2B business model.
Carsale24 is the unique online platform where individuals can sell their car free of charge.
CloudNumbers.com was an emerging cloud computing company in the field of high performance computing for scientific applications.
Contiamo offers out-of-the-box business intelligence services.
Doctorpage is a real-Time appointment booking system.
Dormando is a full service retailer for mattresses and related products.
Drippler helps people discover and adopt everyday technology.
Dubsmash is the new viral messaging app that let’s you create short video clips based on existing sounds.
evopark is a German mobility tech startup with focus on off-street parking.
Famly's user-friendly apps to institution and parents streamlines the operation of the institution and make happy parents.
Finanzen100 is the leading mobile financial information portal in German speaking countries.
FishBrain is a social network that allows sport fishers to share their fishing experiences with friends via web and mobile applications.
HappyFresh lets you shop all your favorite products from great grocery stores around the city at the tap of a button.
Incent offers incentive employee programs for medium and large companies.
IS. Teledata is the largest European software company for internet based customized fiancial market information systems.
kaufDA connects mobile shoppers with their favorite stores and offers around them.
Lesara is the leading global online fast retail pioneer for amazing fashion & lifestyle merchandise at best prices.
Ligatus is the leading lead generation network in Germany.
Lingoda (formerly Easy Languages) is an online language school.
Locarta offers an app that provides actionable mobile insights for the physical world.
MarcoPolo reimaginates children’s media with world-renowned educators, media talent and technology accessible to kids via mobile devices.
Movinga is a Berlin, Germany-based online relocation service provider company.
NetMoms is a community portal for all topics related to young moms.
Ofertia is the first online platform that helps you prepare everyday purchases without missing any offers.
OnVista is Germany's first finance portal for high-end financial market information and analysis tools.
Pixsy is a plattform that supports photographers in the fight against image theft.
Reputami offers online reputation management tools for the hospitality industry.
Retale is the premier mobile shopping destination in the US, connecting mobile shoppers with their favorite stores, products and offers around them.
Returbo is an e-commerce platform that provides overstock and promotional electronic items, returns, exhibits, and more.
Sapaso offers full service membership billing, reminder and collection management as well as fee pre-payment to small and medium businesses like fitness centers and golf clubs.
Sensorberg provides a global Beacon standard with its open source software.
Shoeboxed, a receipt and e-receipt organizing company, offers a fast, easy way to turn a pile of receipts into organized digital data.
Teatox is a lifestyle brand which offers organic wellness teas.
Ventoro is a lead-generation platform in the window industry.
Wine in Black is one of Germany’s leading online wine distributors.
Wunsch Brautkleid is a German online marketplace for new, used, and customized wedding dresses.
Zooplus: European online market leader for pet food.


Stephan Schubert


Stephan is a serial-entrepreneur and founded the leading companies OnVista, Ligatus and IS.Teledata. He further has been investing into disruptive internet companies for over 15 years.


Marco Vietor


Marco is one of the co-founders of audibene, which was established in 2012 and acquired by Swedish Private Equity fund EQT in 2015. After starting his career as a business consultant at Bain & Company, Marco is working as an entrepreneur since more than ten years, including co-foundation of an online software company and a tuition financing fund.


Joachim Rennert


Joachim is responsible for the VC activities of several Family Offices and an advisor to both startups and private equity investors. His areas of expertise include investment strategy, new investments, deal flow and portfolio management. Prior to founding his own investment company, he has worked in the industry as well as in leading management roles in Family Offices.


Paul Crusius


Paul is co-founder of audibene. audibene is now active globally with operations in ten countries, defining hearing care of tomorrow. Prior to starting audibene, Paul was a Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where he focused on projects in healthcare, medtech and industrial engineering sectors.


Christian Gaiser

Christian is CEO and founder of the Bonial.com Group, which connects mobile shoppers with their favorite stores and offers around them. The group comprises 7 brands in 11 countries reaching >22mln monthly active users with >1,000 blue chip retail clients.
In 2011 Bonial teamed up with Axel Springer, while Christian still remains a large shareholder and continues to run the group.
His areas of expertise include sales, local/mobile, marketing and communication.



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